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Want The Perfect Summer Hair? Here Are Some Top Tips

Here are some top tips from celebrity hairdressers to give you the hair of your dreams

summer sun welcomes woman with blonde hair

If there is one thing that you will quickly realise about your hair during the Summer is that the idea of a sleek and straight hair do, is something that you have to let go of. The order of the day instead is a loose and natural look that allows our hair to breath.

With our hair feeling dry and damaged from the root to the top, it can seem that Summer really takes its toll on our hair. However, there are some things that you can try to help.

We have put together a variety of different tips offered by celebrity hairdressers all to help you have the Summer hair of your dreams.


Treat your hair to some nourishment

We all know that our body needs water to survive, particularly during the Summer months when you will lose moisture through sweat. This means that we need to make sure that we rehydrate and take in all the liquid we need. The same is true for our hair. With our hair feeling frazzled and dry, you need to make sure that you use a high quality treatment, such as a hair mask or an intensive conditioning treatment. Your hair will thank you for it.


Don’t forget about the scalp too

We need to look after our hair, we know this to be true now, however, we also need to figure out how best to look after our scalps too. Just like the rest of our skin, our scalps can take somewhat of a beating during the Summer months, particularly if they are exposed to the sun and become burnt or even just dehydrated. It is a good idea to find a high quality masque that you are able to not only smooth through your hair, but also apply it to the scalp too. Even better, invest in a Double C style brush which is known to stimulate and massage your scalp thanks to its curved design.


Step back on the colouring

Your hair has enough to battle during the Summer with the heat and the sunshine, without adding intensive colouring into the mix. Sure, you can still think about colouring your hair, if it really needs it, but try to stay away from some of the colouring routines that you normally have in place. Opt for longer breaks between colouring, and, if you can, use products that are softer and much kinder to your poor hair.

As you can see, beautiful Summer hair is possible. You just need to think carefully about how you are going to take care of it. Looking after your skin throughout the warmer weather is vital, so why not work into this that you take good care of your hair and scalp at the same time too?



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