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Perfect Makeup Tips for the Next Big Heatwave

Looking good when it’s hot is not easy.

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When the roads are ready to melt, keeping your makeup in place is always going to be a challenge. Some women are lucky enough to go makeup free without a care in the world. If you’re not in that category and want to look your best, the good news it doesn’t have to be such a big challenge.

Should you be invited to that next big red carpet do or have an interview on the horizon while the temperature outside is hitting 30 degrees, we’ve got some great tips for looking fresh and staying heat proof.


Get Your Prep Right

We girls know that having a good base is important, especially during the summer. That means giving yourself a good cleanse and then a hydrating tonic that is designed to break down all those oils and refresh your face is important. Pay extra special attention to this part of your regime, make sure you give yourself plenty of time and choose quality products.


Choosing the Best Foundation

Once you have that good base, the next challenge is your foundation. If you want it to stay in place during the day, your selection here is key. Many women go for a tinted moisturiser and most times this works perfectly.


But when you’ve got that special event coming up you may want more coverage.

Rich foundations that are designed to moisturise can slide around when it gets hot because they contain too much oil. Instead, look for a water based foundation that you can set using a loose powder. Again, it’s worth spending a little more on a quality product if you really want good coverage.

One top tip is to delay putting on your powder straight away. Make sure you work the foundation into your skin properly and leave a few minutes to avoid that unnatural ‘caked’ look.


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Your Main Makeup

There’s no substitute for a good quality waterproof mascara when it’s hot. The first place any sweat goes in a heatwave is the eyes and the last thing you want is to look like a drowned panda.

If you’re putting on eyeshadow, use a good primer before anything else and go for a toned down look rather than something dramatic.

Going for cream or gel-based blushers is also a good idea because powders can react so badly to the damp. Adding a makeup mist to fix your look will give you plenty of protection as you head out onto the street.


As most women know, when the weather is baking, less is definitely more.

Experts suggest carrying a few blotting papers around in your handbag in case the temperature gets way too high. If you’re starting to melt, you’re going to find them invaluable. Don’t forget the mist spray either – useful for when everything looks as though it’s drying out.

There’s no doubt that the hot weather presents many challenges when it comes to getting the right look. Follow our simple tips and it should be a whole lot easier and you can head out with confidence.



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