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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When It Comes To Your Skin

We all know that we should be taking as good as care as possible of our skin. However, that said, it is just as easy from time to time, to make mistakes when it comes to your skincare routine. In the most part, you might not even realise that those mistakes have happened.

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So, what are the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to your skin? Here are some of the most common and how you can try to avoid them.


Not thinking about your age when taking care of your skin

As we age our skin will also change which means that we need to change our skincare routines. During our twenties one of the most common issues are oiliness and breakouts, however we are also given youthful looking and glowing skin at the same time. During our thirties our skin will become a little less hydrated, which means that we need to think about using a good quality moisturiser. As we reach our forties those fine lines are becoming all the more apparent, we will also find that our skin has lost its firmness and age spots are all the more obvious. It is during this decade when you really do need to think about the products that you use and ensure that they are the best quality possible.


Having a complicated skincare routine

Whilst you may think that your skin care regime is doing amazing things for your skin, the truth could be that you have over-complicated things and you are actually doing damage. Having too many products, switching products or being a little too enthusiastic with your skin care could damage the natural acidic PH that takes care of your skin and acts as a barrier.

You need to stick to one or two particular products, and give it time to work, a product, even a good quality one, can take around 6 weeks to actually make a difference to your skin. So, hang on in there, things will change, and your skin will be grateful for your patience.


Thinking that your skincare routine can undo all the damage that you might do with your lifestyle

It is a common misconception that having a good skincare routine is going to be enough to rectify all the issues that our skin has to face on a daily basis. Of course, it can help your skin to repair itself, but the damage that is caused by chronic stress, pollution, excessive alcohol, smoking and everyday city living, often outweighs this. The only way that you can truly make sure that your skin is feeling as good as it can, is to try and limit the amount that these things are a part of our life.


Not considering the power of the facial

Skin treatments may seem like somewhat of a luxury, however, whilst they are a treat, they actually an important part of any skin care routine, and they are something that you should never take for granted. A good quality facial can leave you with glowing and healthy looking skin. Not only does it remove dead skin cells from the surface, but it also gives your skin a huge moisture boost too, which means that it is going to look the best it has ever been.

Now you know which skincare mistakes to avoid, why not make sure that you put together the ideal skincare routine? We can promise you that your skin will thank you for it.



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